Monday, July 27, 2009

Fat Girl ANgel Protector

Since a fat girl is a quilt for the winter, I wanted to create a fat girl angel protector. It made me think of self preservation, taking care of ourselves, self love, acceptance . Its done with pencil and charcoal. White pencil. Blending tools (mostly my fingers) Dont ya just LOVE when you are working on art and little flecks of paint, smudges of charcoal, little bits and bobs are glued to your fingers, it feels like a badge of honour to me.

Art on Sistahs,


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Unique for Nicci

A Unique page for Nicci, because i think she is Unique, Beautiful and such an awesome person. I love this page, it has so many layers, just like each of us, being fat, large, big is not simple, its complex, and layered, Each of us has issues, each of us deals with everyday fat girl issues. And honestly its not all about the fat girl, its about women in general. We are complex and layered.
Its ok.
Art on sistahs,

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Look at me

Beautiful, big, fat, soulful, unique, mother, friend, wife, i am all these things.

gesso, wc, pencils, pen, stamping, glaze

Art on sistahs,

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

5 MAY 2009 - mermaids & portraits

did some work this afternoon sitting out on the porch with the puppies. i ran off the edge of the booklet with the one below. woops =D


my fountain pen and black acrylic ink are total favs. dunno how i survived without them before!

fgs s001 p03

mermaid 2

you are beautiful - crayonvery body is different

the mermaids and the 'every body' piece are both done in Ang's pages, and the others are done in my pages (including the one below). mine are about 2 inches taller and a little wider than hers, but i saved them around the same size in digital form.

fgs s001 p02

mixed media: watercolor, gesso, crayon, prismacolor, ink, dip pen, thread, and chalks.


can't find ye old digi cam

... thusly i was forced to go to the laptop's webcam. sitting in the shaded porch isn't the best idea for photographing flat work, but since this sucker has a preset focal length, the text was gonna be blurry anyway. may as well get a little artistic with it, yeah? colors are much brighter and much more subtle in places, natch. still, it's a glimpse until i finish up messing about with it and get a proper scan or photo.

caretaking a duo of 8 week old puppies isn't the most condusive to hanging out in the studio with the lights and camera, nevermind i seem to have lost my charger (zoiks) and my extra battery (auugh!). i had them in there for five minutes and they managed to find stuff to chew on i hadn't even known was on the floor! they're growing like mad, and demanding a lot of attention, as babies do.

materials here are acrylic ink, dip pen, gesso, found paper, watercolor practice paper, transparent watercolors, and life experience as a fat girl (a little personal tale). ok, back to working on a little chubby mermaid for Ang's book.

much love and arty vibes,

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Seems i am really loving my pencil sketches. Something about the feel of it, make a mistake erase it. Not like life eh?
If you get the chance pls visit
I had the pleasure of visiting this exhibition, meeting and talking with the beautiful woman Cheryl-Ann Webster, She has the most awesome message.

I also love my double chin. Its important to embrace your body. I know its not that easy sometimes, we are taught to criticize ourselves. That perhaps in some distorted way we are not good enough. Millions of dollare are spent each year transforming ourselves. I wonder what would happen if we began to love ourselves. Truly.

Art on Sistahs,


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

crayons make everything better

i started working on this page in the waiting room of a doctor's office, on a grey and yucky day about a week ago (not to be confused with a grey and yummy day. mostly that has to do with temperature and the fatness of the raindrops!)

sig001_p02_n_nicci - detail01

crayon, found paper, prismacolor, gesso, sharpie, watercolor & gel pen.

she's changed a little since i made her (this is just a detail). you can see a view of the page in progress (below). click, if you like, to go to flickr!


text added, not pictured here:
"and then she smiled at me when i said all i fair i love and war. i didn't know that she'd been thinking the same thing all along."

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Fat Girl pencil Sketch

Fat Gurl in Pencil. Looks determined doesn't she?


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Fat girl ANg

What an awesome project to be involved in. I created a small signature out of scrapbook paper, gesso on some, not on all.

1st page

A fat girl surrounded by stars- reminding each of us, to shine is not measured by a number on a scale.

2nd page

gesso page- watersoluble crayons, wc pencils

Sunday, April 12, 2009

welcome to fatgirl(s)sketch!

fat girl sketch - s001.p01.nicci

s001.p01.nicci (signature 001, page 01, nicci's sketchbook) with detail shots (below).

fatgirlsketch is a collaborative project between Ang and Nicci, two body positive artists. Ang is from Canada and Nicci is from the US. these unbound signatures will travel back and forth between artists, being added to and embellished and generally arted up until the time comes that someone feels the urge to bind them into books. this is an ongoing project with no deadline established. who knows how many books it may spawn!

please feel free to leave us comments here in the blog, and share your thoughts, opinions, or links to your favorite fat art.


fat girl sketch - s001.p01.nicci - detail fat girl sketch - s001.p01.nicci - detail