Sunday, April 26, 2009


Seems i am really loving my pencil sketches. Something about the feel of it, make a mistake erase it. Not like life eh?
If you get the chance pls visit
I had the pleasure of visiting this exhibition, meeting and talking with the beautiful woman Cheryl-Ann Webster, She has the most awesome message.

I also love my double chin. Its important to embrace your body. I know its not that easy sometimes, we are taught to criticize ourselves. That perhaps in some distorted way we are not good enough. Millions of dollare are spent each year transforming ourselves. I wonder what would happen if we began to love ourselves. Truly.

Art on Sistahs,



  1. Oh, I love your new blog!! And what a positive message. YES....we must learn to love our bodies and not be so critical of every little thing. This is the "package" we came in and we should appreciate it. As always, your art is wonderful.

  2. Hello ANg,
    So lovely to find your new blog. As always your art is wonderful. Yes, love is a good way to embrace ourselves! Pencil art, erasing, made me think; in real life the closest i have come to erasing is not hooking into regret for long and stepping into making new choices that feel good in each moment.

  3. Oh Ang love your site, so glad you're back. I have popped by to see if you were still up and kicking, to no avail!! Love your girls, being one myself. I was thinking how comfortable I am with myself at this juncture.... must be age!!

    Big hugs Sherrie

  4. I'm really happy you're back because your art is some of my favorite eye candy! I've bookmarked this new place. cya again soon!

  5. HI Ang! UI a m so happy to see your new blog! You are one of my favorite artists and you know how much I enjoy your ense of humor! Your girls are groovy! Keep on sketching! YAY! moved to Florida and I absolutely love it! I a m starting yet another new blog and will let you know! Great t o hear from ya! Peace and love......

  6. I love love LOVE the second drawing in this post. Thanks for sending me the link. And don't worry, I'm working on a letter for you.

  7. I think your art is wonderful. It is such a positive message that I need to hear over and over. Thanks for sharing.