Sunday, April 12, 2009

welcome to fatgirl(s)sketch!

fat girl sketch - s001.p01.nicci

s001.p01.nicci (signature 001, page 01, nicci's sketchbook) with detail shots (below).

fatgirlsketch is a collaborative project between Ang and Nicci, two body positive artists. Ang is from Canada and Nicci is from the US. these unbound signatures will travel back and forth between artists, being added to and embellished and generally arted up until the time comes that someone feels the urge to bind them into books. this is an ongoing project with no deadline established. who knows how many books it may spawn!

please feel free to leave us comments here in the blog, and share your thoughts, opinions, or links to your favorite fat art.


fat girl sketch - s001.p01.nicci - detail fat girl sketch - s001.p01.nicci - detail


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