Friday, May 28, 2010

pencil on gesso with faux flower

she loved her double chin.
she loved her double chin
she wore a blue flower in her hair because it made her feel beautiful.
blue flower in her hair
do what makes you feel beautiful.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

greyscale eyebrows

octopus eyebrows - fatgirl(s)ketch - ang's 2nd signature - by nicci

this drawing started with a glass dropper and a bottle of black acrylic ink. watercolor and pencils and gesso were added, before gel pen and black pen were brought into the mix. my favorite bit are her greyscale octopus eyebrows. they look like tentacles. i've been doing a lot of thinking about tattoo designs recently, and sometimes it comes out in strange places. every fat girl is different. we all carry our weight in different ways, and there's nothing i love more than seeing a woman adorn herself in a way that makes her feel beautiful, no matter her size. tattoos, jewelry, makeup, and even crazy hair colors are examples of this. there's just something about a girl with blue hair...

this is an entry in ang's second signature -- the middle spread.