Tuesday, April 21, 2009

crayons make everything better

i started working on this page in the waiting room of a doctor's office, on a grey and yucky day about a week ago (not to be confused with a grey and yummy day. mostly that has to do with temperature and the fatness of the raindrops!)

sig001_p02_n_nicci - detail01

crayon, found paper, prismacolor, gesso, sharpie, watercolor & gel pen.

she's changed a little since i made her (this is just a detail). you can see a view of the page in progress (below). click, if you like, to go to flickr!


text added, not pictured here:
"and then she smiled at me when i said all i fair i love and war. i didn't know that she'd been thinking the same thing all along."

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  1. Girl your art always has SO much texture. I am having an awesome time with this.