Tuesday, May 5, 2009

can't find ye old digi cam

... thusly i was forced to go to the laptop's webcam. sitting in the shaded porch isn't the best idea for photographing flat work, but since this sucker has a preset focal length, the text was gonna be blurry anyway. may as well get a little artistic with it, yeah? colors are much brighter and much more subtle in places, natch. still, it's a glimpse until i finish up messing about with it and get a proper scan or photo.

caretaking a duo of 8 week old puppies isn't the most condusive to hanging out in the studio with the lights and camera, nevermind i seem to have lost my charger (zoiks) and my extra battery (auugh!). i had them in there for five minutes and they managed to find stuff to chew on i hadn't even known was on the floor! they're growing like mad, and demanding a lot of attention, as babies do.

materials here are acrylic ink, dip pen, gesso, found paper, watercolor practice paper, transparent watercolors, and life experience as a fat girl (a little personal tale). ok, back to working on a little chubby mermaid for Ang's book.

much love and arty vibes,

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