Tuesday, May 5, 2009

5 MAY 2009 - mermaids & portraits

did some work this afternoon sitting out on the porch with the puppies. i ran off the edge of the booklet with the one below. woops =D


my fountain pen and black acrylic ink are total favs. dunno how i survived without them before!

fgs s001 p03

mermaid 2

you are beautiful - crayonvery body is different

the mermaids and the 'every body' piece are both done in Ang's pages, and the others are done in my pages (including the one below). mine are about 2 inches taller and a little wider than hers, but i saved them around the same size in digital form.

fgs s001 p02

mixed media: watercolor, gesso, crayon, prismacolor, ink, dip pen, thread, and chalks.



  1. fountain pen and ink??? really? Tell me more, how do you get it to write consistently.
    I love "here be full bodied mermaids" I adore it.

  2. well it depends on the ink. my colored inks wont work right for some reason, but the speedball superblack acrylic will. i use a pen that takes cartridges and use it as a dip pen because it holds more ink in the grooves. Sometimes I have to get a dot on the paper so it flows.

  3. hey guys, theatrelion here from AFA. I love that mermaid! Both of your guys' work here is just beautiful.