Monday, July 27, 2009

Fat Girl ANgel Protector

Since a fat girl is a quilt for the winter, I wanted to create a fat girl angel protector. It made me think of self preservation, taking care of ourselves, self love, acceptance . Its done with pencil and charcoal. White pencil. Blending tools (mostly my fingers) Dont ya just LOVE when you are working on art and little flecks of paint, smudges of charcoal, little bits and bobs are glued to your fingers, it feels like a badge of honour to me.

Art on Sistahs,



  1. this is beautiful!! i love her hair!! you rock!!

  2. Aloha Angie..
    for some reason my "badges" always end up on my forehead or face, so I walk about while people stare and giggle.. lol..
    Love your sketch!
    peace, Kai.

  3. I am definitely a messy artist; sticky, dirty fingers are a must when I'm creating... but my badge of honor lies in my craft table, there are so many interesting textures hiding in it ;)

  4. i love it~!~
    thanks for sharing it~~

  5. NO, I hate it. Just kidding. I like it best when glitter gets in my hair. xoxoxoxo