Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Unique for Nicci

A Unique page for Nicci, because i think she is Unique, Beautiful and such an awesome person. I love this page, it has so many layers, just like each of us, being fat, large, big is not simple, its complex, and layered, Each of us has issues, each of us deals with everyday fat girl issues. And honestly its not all about the fat girl, its about women in general. We are complex and layered.
Its ok.
Art on sistahs,


  1. Beautiful!! The soft colors are so pretty and I like all the layers. And you're right....we all have many layers.

  2. Aloha ANg,
    it's just stunning.. :)and you're right, I have lots of layers..(mostly on my bottom

    peace, fun and love, Kai

  3. absolutely beautiful - your art just amazes me! I know I have been missing a long time - illnesses have interrupted my internet life - but I am back - slowly but surely but back...I have updated my block if you want to check it out--miss hearing from you immensely - hope all is well with you and yours~!~

  4. Hey even skinny girls deal with fat girl issues....don't know why! Sad eh?

  5. What a unique style! Your work is very intriguing. Thanks for entering my giveaway.

  6. this is beautiful ang!!! you are such an inspiration!! :)